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so the next one is telepathy i think jungkook participated in this one , actually they all too, part in the songs i think Jin in 'Stay' i'm not sure it's telepathy between who i like the sound this beginning reminds me of The Weeknd and now not at all this one gives me smile..makes me smile i cant speak it's not okay i love it everytime Hoseok wants to bring us on vacation that'd be island this album omg i love this part ths chorus i'm so into the lyrics of this album, they are so good i like this line too i like how it faded idk what it is in french, i'm losing my french this one was really good it made me smile and move the next one is dis-ease but separated so its like a play on words i was not expecting this with that title yeah...that's me i think this might have been Jimin i like when rappers say their name before idk why i love his part this reminds me of lyrics from another one of their songs i love his voice we all got at least one disease vocal line tho okay was not expecting this this whole part was ♥ i find this album so different, that's why i said about the previous one but this one tho it was really good ' stay' and its a subunit so idk what to expect at all with jin, namjoon and jungkook also i saw that this was supposed to be in jungkook's mixtape which idk when it'll come out if he gives every song to bts, never i like this build up i love it damn it should have been in his mixtape (im still really happy tho ♥.♥) but i like it wtih jin and namjoon's voices and the rap brings something else hey it's so good it's so my type of song pop and electro like this i love i love songs with this kind of drop i did not know what to expect but it's a great surprise oooh the piano its so good this album was like this, omg so let's sum up life goes on was really good but i need to hear it again because the mv and lyrics were a bit distracting fly to my room them 4 together were great i enjoyed the song and lyrics its THE song, i cried perfect the skit was funny telepathy was great too, they all were telepathy and dis-ease were fun and this one is my song it's really the type of song and sound i love and dynamite of course dynamite my favorites for now...i need to hear life goes on again i think 'blue & grey', 'stay' telepathy maybe i liked the lyrics of all of them so tell us your thoughs about this album and whats your favorite song thats it bye

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Here's part 2 ^^ Telepathy/Dis-ease/Stay Check Part 1 out :