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hi everyone today im reacting to bts be i've just done a reaction to 'life goes on' mv so i'll review the album as i do usually i'm starting with 'fly to my room' this is going to be the sound of this album the lyrics yeah unfortunately that's cute i like the feel of the song the background vocals tho 풍경 (scenery) for now it's vmin i was wondering what sound would this subunit bring the harmonies tho well the background vocals their voices go so well together so cute how he said "zoom" this part okay i was not expecting this Jimin's high note i don't know who the other voices belong to this part makes me want to go on vacation that's why i like listening to the albums with earphones because we hear everything i just realized how cute they were on those pics that was so cute still in the quarantine concept 2020 so let's listen to the next song blue & grey with the 7 of them this time this album is different but i mean this year is different so i like this i have a bad feeling about this i love it (x2) his voice *i'm a crying mess don't mind me* sorry but i think it's going to be my favorite song jinkook harmony tho 코뿔소 (rhinoceros) i really like the lyrics this line for how long have we been living without contact? me personally i'm not going to get over this one i think excuse me i mean i don't think i'm the only one who reacted like this i didn't think it'd be this bad judging from the title i figured it would be emotional but still my god the sound and lyrics took me in right away i was not doing good after it started i'm hoping there will be songs more..(uplifting) fun the last one is dynamite so that's the touch of optimism but i already heard it so i wont do it again so the next one is the skit so it will make me laugh at least there's that i need to smile right it was on his birthday he must have cursed he doesn't even have a seat yeah i heard about that damn they didn't even know when it was they're going for a drink, they deserve it like "we won no need for rehearsal" they're so silly why does this makes me want to cry too, that's not normal i'm in that mood i think that was so cute thats cute that they let us hear their reactions

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